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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1655

FFF:  I think that's florida flag fish.

And re: setting up a 29G plant tank:

I have been working with  plant tanks for about 6 months now, two 29G and a
3G toy.  They all do better with slower algae growth when the plants are
denser, and when the the plants are faster growers.  I started with a bunch
of anubias in the first tank, indestructible but good for little other than
providing algae more surfaces to grow on.  I've since been working more and
more towards faster growing plants, but have kept some of the anubias--when
they're shaded a bit (and I have only about 70W for my 29G tanks), they are
prettier with less algae.  I've been having fun adding a few of this and a
few of that, to see what grows, and redecorating regularly to make better
use of the plants that like my tanks.  One very good point I read someplace
(can't remember quite where) was to remember that cheap plants are cheap
because they're easier to grow.  I started with the cheap ones, and when
they're doing ok, I've been adding a few fancier ones.  So far it's working
ok.  I'm getting ready to add some DIY CO2 (the yeast bottle now is
bubbling pretty regularly....just need to figure out how to hide the
nasty-looking thing on a completely open metal-wire tank stand and we'll be
set for some wonderful plant growth (maybe the plants will have a better
chance to keep up with the goldfish!).  And if that works as advertised,
who knows what might happen next.

That's about all the "advice" this newbie dares offer, given my lack of
experience.  That, and that this list, and the great info available on web
sites like tropica.com, thekrib.com, aquariacentral, wetwebmedia, have been
more useful than most of the books I've seen (and a few I've bought, which
were mostly useful for taking to the LFS to compare pictures and determine
which plants really were aquatic and labelled correctly), You'll find more
detail on the web on individual topics than in a book, but it's hard to
bring to the LFS with you ;-).

Diane Brown
brown_d at kids_wustl.edu