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> Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 15:39:22 GMT
> From: "don" <don at calimages_com>
> Subject: Re: DIY CO2
> I've been wondering if any company has come up with a DIY yeast kit? A
> plastic bottle with an airline nipple somewhere and a good seal. Airline.
> reactor or a good dispersal doohickey. A species of yeast that is tested
> be stable under a variety of temps, as well as being able to handle
> additions when it slows down rather than requiring a fresh batch, allowing
> the same batch to go much longer before cleaning out the bottle.
> Seems it would be cheap to sell and might get more people planting tanks,
> and is much less costly, complex, and removes the worries of having a
> pressurized CO2 canister in the house.
> DonT
Here ya go! http://www.familychest.com/plantguild/html/power_reactors.html
Scroll to bottom, selling for $5.00. Don M.