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RE: Eheim Users....

ANY canister filter, after getting mucked up with "stuff", will increase
its "internal vacuum". Once that vacuum builds up, it'll start following
the path of least resistance by sucking in air through "weak seals" that
could be created by things like cat hairs. :)

Perhaps you are overfilling the media in your filter and it's getting
mucked up? Do you use LOTS of floss in it? 

Also, does the hose that links to your intake happen to join in above
the water surface (I've had nothing but problems with Fluval intakes
where the intake has a "joint" that is often above water level and sucks
in air). 



> Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 06:15:51 +0800
> From: Penny Crowley <pcrowley at snet_net>
> Subject: Eheim Users....
> Hello all you Eheim users...
> I wonder if this has ever happened to any of you? I know that 
> the Eheim canister is a "closed" system. Why would I get tiny 
> air bubbles coming out of the return spray?
> This is what happened: 3 months ago tiny bubbles appeared in 
> the return spray one day, after the filter ran for 2 mos 
> (bubble-free). I tightened up all the connections, rinsed the 
> media, changed the floss, got it going bubble-free again. 2 
> months later, same thing happened. One month later
> (yesterday) the same thing again. This time, however, I found 
> 2 cat hairs wrapped around the O-ring & took them off. Could 
> something as miniscule as that cause it to suck air?
> Any experiences, comments, suggestions, theories?
> thanks!
> penny crowley