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Eheim Users....

Hello all you Eheim users...
I wonder if this has ever happened to any of you? I know that the Eheim
canister is a "closed" system. Why would I get tiny air bubbles coming out
of the return spray?

This is what happened: 3 months ago tiny bubbles appeared in the return
spray one day, after the filter ran for 2 mos (bubble-free). I tightened up
all the connections, rinsed the media, changed the floss, got it going
bubble-free again. 2 months later, same thing happened. One month later
(yesterday) the same thing again. This time, however, I found 2 cat hairs
wrapped around the O-ring & took them off. Could something as miniscule as
that cause it to suck air?

Any experiences, comments, suggestions, theories?
penny crowley