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Champagn Yeast

I get champagne yeast from my local wine and beer making supply store.  If 
you don't have one nearby, try http://www.homebrewheaven.com (please note 
that I haven't bought from them before; I just found them on the web, so 
caveat emptor).

You'll see that there are all kinds of yeasts.  What finally persuaded me to 
try champagne yeast (after seeing it mentioned on the web) was a flyer in my 
local store that shows that champagne yeast works at the lowest temperature 
of all the yeasts available.  I bought packets of 2 brands:  Lalvin & 
Premier Cuvee.  I've only used the Lalvin.  The Premier Cuvee remains 
unopen.  (Interestingly, both brands are from Canada, which I don't normally 
associate with wine or champagne!).

(Off topic note:  I now use my bread yeast only for feeding my daphnia 
culture; the culture's in a 5 gal bucket outside the house and seem to be 
surviving the Portland, Oregon winter quite well!)

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