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Re: Lamotte CO2 test

Cavan is wondering about using a LaMotte CO2 test kit together with a
Carbonate Hardness test kit (B.T.W., most test kits measure Alkalinity, not
specifically Carbonate Hardness - they are quite often, but not always, the
same number, so be careful) to determine his pH.

While you are checking out LaMotte kits, look for one of their narrow range
pH kits. They aren't expensive and you'll get more accurate pH reading using
a real pH kit than relying on a chart. There are several variables involved
in using the chart - how accurate your 2 readings (CO2 and Carbonate
Hardness) are and the CO2 test kit can be thrown off by old reagents quite
easily (or by sloppy technique).

This isn't a place to cut corners. Buy the kits.

James Purchase