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trade a native

Saururus cernuus  -
aka Lizard-tail, water dragon, swamp lily  now showing at

Photos of aquascapes using this plant -
Baensch V.3, pg 19
Baensch V.2, pg 67
Optimum Aquarium pg 110
Amano Bk. 1, pg 139

Two of us in Miineapolis are looking for this plant, the rest of our plant
group thinks we are nuts, but are to polite to say so.  If anyone living
along the Atlantic Seaboard states in which this plant is native, or anyone
else who just happens to have some, and is up for a trade, let me know.
Willing to wait for agreeable weather if wild collected.

Tom B. mentioned Lobelia (cardinalis?) "dwarf" form as an alternative to
C.s.  Would be interested in trading for this plant also.

If you have plants coming out your ears and don't want mine will trade
plants for donation to defense fund.  email off list.

Jay Reeves