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Who's left?!

Hey gang,

Neil Frank wrote:
>>What is predominant on this list?  
- - weed choked jungle?
- - artistic aquascape (oops.... no one left in that
category :-)<<

Not fair! We're all still here....just there too;)
What is it that you deem "artistic"? I'm not (trying)
starting a flame rally, but many seem to think that a
new list will draw our attention from this one. That's
not the case, so set your minds at ease....

I hope that everyone who has a tank in their living
room will *consider* that people will enter and make
an opinion. The reason that reef tanks are so much
more in style is that they've been *trendy* longer,
and people are drawn to garrish, and bold displays. We
all know that all aquariums depsite their differences
in salinity can be beautiful or crap, and there is not
a whole lot of "in between" to the laymans eye. So, my
point is that it pays to create in your space, if not
for yourself, than for the good of the hobby...Hence,
the new list for those of us who think along those
lines. That ain't your cup of tea? Fine, do what makes
you happy, cuz, ultimately, that's what this is all
about, I guess.

Hugs and kisses,
John Wheeler 

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