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Re: Wet/Dry or Eheim Pro II 2026

On Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 19:30:22 -0800 (PST), Julie Baxes wrote:

>I'm upgrading my 29-gallon tank to a 75-gallon soon.
>I'm wondering which filtration system would be
>better--a homemade wet/dry like Chuck Gadd's or an
>Eheim ProII 2026 canister.  I plan to inject CO2 into
>the filter.
>While I'm waiting for the new tank, would the Eheim be
>too much filter for my 29-gallon tank?  Has anyone had
>problems with smaller fish getting sucked into the
>overflow of a wet/dry or any other problems?

Hi Julie,

I just thought I'd offer my two cents since I have tried both filters.  My
old aquarium was a SeaClear System II tank which had the entire filtration
system built into the back of the tank.  It used an overflow in the back
left corner and returned the water in the back right corner.  With the old
tank, I was fishing one or two smaller fish out of the overflow in the back
of the tank at least once a week, sometimes two or three times.  Smaller
fish can easily get sucked through the grate or are too weak to swim away
from the current and get pulled over the top.  I can't tell you how many
times I was late getting to work in the morning because I noticed a fish
had gone overboard.  Those little rascals have no idea you're really trying
to help them, and they will evade your net at any cost.

I now own a new 30-gallon aquarium which uses an Eheim Pro II 2026.  I am
very happy with it so far.  Contrary to many posts I have read, I don't
believe the Eheim Pro II provides too much current in my tank.  In fact,
many of my fish seem to enjoy a swifter moving current.  I have not yet had
a fish get sucked into the intake of the Eheim.  It doesn't seem to be too
overpowering.  Even the plants in close proximity to the intake have not
been adversely affected by the intake.  I was afraid the Sagg I planted
directly in front of the intake in order to hide it was going to get sucked
into the intake and block it up.  But that has not been a problem!  I hope
this personal experience has been useful.