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greenwater - symptoms of nitrate deficiency ?

Ok I've just read through the fertiliser section on The Krib and realised my
greenwater might be caused by a nutrient inbalance - namely nitrate. Firstly
just some background on my tank

Tank Size - 200 Litres or approx 40 gal approx 2 months old
Light - 180W Daylight fluros @ 12hr
CO2 Injection - 3 x 2L DIY bottles injecting into an eheim pro 2224
Substrate - Plain 2mm Gravel (I got fedup in previous tanks of the mess
laterite made when i pulled up plants)
Fertiliser - none dosed
plants - lotsa fast growing stem plants ambulia etc, + some slower growers
like anubius, java fern, bolbitus

Ok every day even with the greenwater I can see my plants bubbling
vigourously and the leaves covered in oxygen bubbles.  So my hypothesis is
under the high light and high CO2 nitrates are defficient in my tank at the
moment.  Ive have started adding nitrates in the form of 4ml KNO3 per day
and 2ml K2SO4 per day.  Do these dosing sound to high ?

It will sure be interesting to see the outcome of this little experiment and
if it does cure my greenwater I will be overjoyed.

Ill keep you all posted ;)