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RE: Filters

Julie Baxes asked about filters for a plant tank.

On a low tech 55 gallon tank I use only a Eheim 2215.  It has worked fine
for over 4 years.  On my high tech 100 gallon tank I started with just a
wet/dry filter (with an Eheim hobby pump).  After a couple of years, the
wet/dry would not keep the water crystal clear (too much mulm building up),
so I added an Eheim 2217 and have run both filters for almost 2 years now.
The wet/dry makes adding chemicals and fertilizers real easy.  The heater
and CO2 diffuser are out of the tank.  And the tank's built-in prefilter
insures there is no surface film, though it does take up a lot of room.

I am planning a new 65 gallon tank for my office.  I will probably go with 2
Eheim canisters since the gurgling from the wet/dry would be too loud for
me.  On the other hand, one of my employees wants me to put a tank with a
wet/dry into her office because she finds the gurgling to be relaxing.

In my judgment, there is no clearcut winner between Eheims and wet/drys.

Have Fun!

Roger Gordon