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Re: Eheim 2206 on a 29 Gal

Julie Baxes asked if an Eheim Pro II 2026 would be too much for a 29

This filter is so nice, you almost want to get an aquarium to fit it
rather than the other way around.

On full blast, it's a lot of filter for a 30 gal but you can do it a
few different ways. 

1 use the Eheim spray bar and have very strong current--you will need
fast swimmers that love strong streams  (butterfly loaches and otos
come quckly to mind)

2 Don't use the spray bar and allow a still strong overall BUT more
diffuse current.

3 Use the built-in adjuster and flow indicator on the 2206 to control
the amount of flow to any level you want.  

Have fun,
Scott H.

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