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RE: Using garden hoses to change water

Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 19:28:53 +0800
From: "Jon Hammond" <mrbishi at iinet_net.au>
Subject: Using garden hoses to change water

This isnt a directly aquatic plant queston but I was wandering is it ok to
use a garden hose to change the water in your tank ? Its getting a bit of a
chore with buckets and my 200Lt tank.. Ive heard some garden hoses have
algicides ? any harm to the plants ;)




I don't know for syre about the algicides but I would think that they might
hurt any kind of plant or little kid that gets a drink from them.  The
thicker hoses probally don't get algae inside of them to much because of low
light(but I will admit to being wrong before so don't quote me on that one).
I do know that the Water has a garden hose taste and smell if you take a
drink out of it. I would suggest testing a sample out of it and see what you
get. If you don't have a test kit some local fish stores do water checks for
free maybe you could run it up to them and check out their plants while they
do the work for ya.

Matt W.

P.S.   What about chlorine are you going to put a filter inline to take out
the chlorine and other stuff?