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RE: Folding Leaves

Re: Folding Leaves

I suppose my question is really twofold. First, how sensitive to daylength
(or nightlength if that's actually more accurate) are plants such r.
wallichii which fold their leaves? And second, for what reason (beyond the
biochemicalmechanisms themselves) do they fold their leaves? For example,
perhaps it simply lets them rest, or prevents "overmetabolism" or depletion
of stored nutrients, or allows the plant to begin certain metabolic
processes which are inhibited by light, etc. Or maybe it's purely a
circadian rhythm not enhancing or diminishing any actual metabolic activity.

Has anyone observed whether leaf folding before darkness had any noticeable
effects on the plant over time?

Dan Dixon

I am not sure weather it is good or not but I have a Cabomba carolinia that
I have noticed it starts to close itslef up about an hour and a half before
the lights shut off.  When the lights come on in the moring the
leaves(whichare very small and thin)are still closed up.  I am not sure why
but it is kind of neat to see.  I have had the plant for three weeks now and
when I brought it home I figured it would die because of how it looked at my
LFS but it has doubled in size and is starting to bend on top of the water
because it is so big.  So maybe it is a good thing that the plants regulate
their own light intake.  Neat thought...

Matt W.