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I would like to know other members' methods of making the seal

I just take a pointed knife to a two liter coke cap.  Slowly twist it 
through the cap, and work it from both sides until i have a circular 
hole slightly smaller than the plastic tubing.  Then i just kinda 
fold/roll the end of the tubing a little to get started through the 
hole, then pull it through with pliars.  Work it back and forth a little 
  untill its unfolded and it forms good seal for quite awhile. 
Eventually the strain on the tubing collapses it so much that it leaks. 
  But then I just give it a little tug to reseat it.  Oh and make sure 
you don't pull out the inner plastic seal that's in the coke bottle cap.

I would attribute this idea to it original progeniter, but alas I know 
not who it was.

> Why? It seems to me pretty foolproof. 
> Only problem I have is losing the seal. I presently use low temp hot glue. After a while it separates and I have to redo it. 
> So, for those of us who still must use DIY I would like to know other members' methods of making the seal. I'd like to know a permanent way.
> I hope to get the cylinder system someday but for now it's DIY and I'd like to know others' knowhow, tips, etc.  [:-)]