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Re: Using garden hoses to change water

"Food grade vinyl tubing is rather cheap and you can get clean stuff at
Home Depot, for just one source.  There's no need for you or your fish
to be drinking from a garden hose."

Well hell, why stop there? What about all those lawns and flower beds
suffering under the pollution of a garden hose? Call Green Peace! And all
those pets being washed in such filth? Notify PETA! And those kids playing
in the sprinklers? Doomed. Let's sue the Slip'n Slide Company.

The contact time inside a garden hose is measured in seconds, not enough
time to have an impact, even if any additives are really there and still
active. What about all the other plastic stuff in your tank system that is
in constant contact with the water?

First it was medical grade CO2 and now food grade hoses. If you really think
your aquarium water is so pristine, I dare you to drink a glass of it.