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Using garden hoses to change water.

I considered using a similar setup to what Thomas described but wondered if
it wasn't just simpler to connect directly into the cold water line of the
house and use a sprinkler timer with solenoids to automatically do the
changes.  I would expect that as long as you do small water changes (1-3
gallons at time on a 90 gallon tank) and aim the incoming water directly at
a heater that neither the chloramine or temp would be an issue.  I have a 92
in my great room and that is what I am in the processing of setting up.
This of course assumes the entire setup is automated.  If you have to do any
portion of the procedure then messing with it several times during the day
would be a pain.

I am curious though if doing several small changes almost every day is
counter productive however.  I don't know how fast the fertilizers are
utilized.  I currently change about 20 gallons once a week (this does
include the 1 gallon that invariably ends up in the floor!) and growth has
been great.  I had to go a month without doing any changes but continued to
fertilize.  "Stuff" must have built up, growth was incredible.  I now have
several non-stems, including a barclaya, that are within 2 inches of the top
of a 24 inch deep tank!  I have never seen growth like I saw during this
period.  I am now oscillating on tying into the hot water as well so I can
adjust the temperature and do larger changes less frequently.