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Re: H2O2

Apologies for being late out of the gate on this one...

Neil wrote:

>I have been interested in algae control for a really long time, but
>interestingly, I never used H2O2. Can you give us the procedure or point to
>a summary from a past APD?

Here's some links I pulled from my notes that you may find of interest, Neil:

H2O2 (6%) method for control of BGA:

H2O2 (3%) "localized injection" method for control of hair algae:

The following is a link to the lead post for a barley straw thread that 
spawned two of the posts above -- it's not bad reading for the most part if 
you can stand to pick through the indices (the thread runs from late June 
into July, 2000):

The ultimate gist of the thread (according to my limited understanding) is 
that H2O2 has effect because it increases redox potential which is in turn 
harmful to algae that lack the ability to cope with the condition of high 
redox.  In other words, it essentially produces the same anti-algae effect 
that a well run tank full of healthy plants respiring plentiful O2 
would.  Of course, H2O2 can potentially be far more dangerous than a bunch 
of healthy plants!  In what I found to be a very intriguing post, Karla 
Booth speculated that it could be superoxide (O2 + e-) that is the actual 
agent at work:
An interesting (to me, anyway :) follow up to Karla's post:

Tom B. was doing some I.V. drip experiments with H2O2 during this time if I 
remember correctly.  I don't think he was overly impressed with the results 
the best I remember, but it's been a while since I read through the 
thread.  Perhaps he could be persuaded to elaborate on his 
experience.  Could ya, Tom? :)

So far, I haven't found any specific information on H2O2 being used as a 
dip except in reference to fishes.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee