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Using garden hoses to change water.

I use a similar method myself.  However, instead of running the water
directly from the tap into the tank, I run it into a large, plastic barrel
about 40 gallons capacity.  The I use a submersible pump with a length of
plastic tubing attached to it to pump the water out of the barrel into the
tank.  I found this easier as it allows me make sure the water temperature
equals that of the tank, and I add my dechlorinator directly into the
plastic barrel and stir it up there.  I do this for the 90 gallon in my
family room.

For the several tanks in my unfinished basement, I always have several large
plastic garbage cans  partially full of water standing around.  When its
time for a water change, I just pump into the barrel  enough hot water to
equalize the barrel temp to the tank I'm changing and can skip the
declorinator as the chlorine has dissipated
with the standing of the barrels (my town doesn't use chloramine ).  The I
use the submersible pump again.

The submersible pump has made my life SOOOO much easier.  It beats using a
pail ot watering can.

> Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 15:43:25 -0500
> From: "Leo Kane" <kal at dmv_com>
> Subject: "Using garden hoses to change water."
> I  use a 25 ft garden hose to siphon the water from my 55 gal tank, and
> reconnect it to the kitchen faucet to refill the tank when I do water
> changes. Have been doing this for about 2 years with no problem.
> leo
> >Jon wrote:
> >This isnt a directly aquatic plant queston but I was wandering is it >ok
> >use a garden hose to change the water in your tank ? Its getting a >bit
> a
> >chore with buckets and my 200Lt tank.. Ive heard some garden >hoses have
> >algicides ? any harm to the plants ;)
> ------------------------------