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Sulfate of Potash


I haven't been able to find Agri-grade Potassium Sulfate either and it just 
doesn't make sense to pay the high cost of reagent-grade for our use.

Currently I am using "Sulfate of Potash"  from the garden store.  
This is an unrefined product that seems to be about 50% insoluble.   
Do not add this stuff  without filtering it first.   The residue looks a lot like mud.  

I use it by first putting about 1 pound in a 1 gallon plastic milk container, 
filling it with water, add an air stone, and let the mixture sit until as much 
of the K2SO4 is in solution.  Remove the air stone and let the mixture settle.  
Filter the solution through a coffee filter.  Use the solution to make your PMDD.

The problem with this method is that you do not know precisely what your 
K, or SO4 concentrations are and you do not know what impurities you may 
be introducing.  Fortunately it is difficult to overdose Potassium.  I have never
 had a problem I can attribute to using this in PMDD.  However I would feel 
a lot better with a more refined product.

Lyndle Schenck