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Re: Filters

"Chuck MacNaughton" <chuck at newnetco_com>
wrote, about eheim filters, and getting a mouthful of 
water, priming them.
	For those considering filter purchases, the newer 
ones require no mouthfuls of water.  :)  
	I have the Eheim Ecco 2233.  Now, I only purchased 
it this past year, but I've had no problems, and I'm still 
using the original foam pads. I just rinse them.  To start 
the syphon on this filter after cleaning it, you just re-
attach the quick-connect valves that it comes with.  Then 
you turn them to the open position, and just slowly raise 
the handle above the filter. That's it, the water starts 
flowing into the canister, ala gravity, and pushes the air 
out the filter return pipe.  It's really simple to do, once 
you read through teh instruction carefully the first time.  
My mother has the next size up in the Ecco line as well, 
and loves it.  After decades of fishkeeping, this is the 
first filter she's ever raved about. It's quiet, and works 
	I would recommend you buy some of the long flexible 
brushes they sell to clean the tubing with, though.  
occaissionally it needs done.
	And, this filter doesn't come with a spraybar, so if 
you want one, either order it or make it.