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Re: hardness question

Hello Chrys,

KH (from the German "Karbonathärte"-- "carbonate hardness") IS the
alkalinity/buffering capacity of the water. It has nothing to do with
water hardness! It is measured either in "ppm" or the old German
"degrees", 1 "degree" = 17.8 ppm.

"Total Hardness" (TH), often abbreviated "GH" (from the German
Gesamthärte), measures the calcium/magnesium content of water. It is
also expressed either in ppm or "degrees". Same conversion factor.



Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 12:24:53 -0500
From: "celtic_chrys at yahoo_com" <celtic_chrys at yahoo_com>
Subject: hardness question

        I've been trying to determine the CO2 level in my aquarium.
        I have a test kit( Mardel's Aqua Lab 1) that measures "ppm total 
alkalinity/buffering capacity."   Is this the same as KH????  I just 
read on the krib, that KH is a measure of alkalinity.
        This same test kit also gives a reading for "ppm total hardness" 
and for Ph.  
        If the alkalinity is the same as the KH, then what is this
        I just tested my water, and here's what I got:
ppm total hardness - 250
ppm total alkalinity/buffering capacity - 80 - same as KH????
Ph - 6.8
        I'd appreciate any help translating this.
- -Chrys