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"Babes" of the AGA Convention

I was treated the other day to a copy of Amano's latest Aqua Journal Feb
2002 issue.  Check out the centerfold! er, well the pictures of all or darn
near all of the women that attended the 2001 convention.  I will tell you
that there are names associated, printed in English and Japanese with each
of the pictures.  In the center of the page there is some bold faced
Japanese writing followed by an exclamation mark!  There are also numbers
listed under the description of some of those women!  What's going on here
:-) !  There also was quite a few pictures from the convention and a fair
size article.  Perhaps someone could translate what was said and put it on
the APD (well if it doesn't bring out the wrath of the list mom).  I guess
that somewhere in there is the discussion about more women in the American
hobby than in Japan as talked about here on the list several months ago.
Anyway you might check it out if you get a chance.  Now the hobbyists among
you know that there is a club within the ACA (American Cichlid Association)
which is title "Babes In The Cichlid Hobby" - take the capitalized letters
and you get their official name which they wear on their T-shirts at the ACA
convention.  I'm certainly not suggesting such a radical name :-) for our
AGA members but the right acronym might make for a fun T-shirt at the next

Gary Lange
gwlange at mindspring_com