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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1627

> The Tetra diatom filter is not listed on the Tetra website -- it might
> no longer be in production.  Perhaps this is part of the restructuring
> of the corportation and the product line due to Pfizer taking over
> Tetra's parent corp. about a year or so ago.  Out with the diatom, in
> with the Tetra-tec.

    I do still see it for sale at a number of places and I noticed the Tetra
site seemed to be missing other filter products as well, such as the new
line of tetra-tec filters with the modular heater.  However, I did notice
that petsmart.com had the diatomagic listed as "not currently available" so
maybe they are phasing it out.  I doubt that it ever had that
supermarket-type pet store appeal that seems to be the current tetra market.