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CO2 in a tank with low light plants

Hey all its great to be back in the hobby.

I just resetup my 200L tank with plants and was wandering what do you all
think about dosing C02 while there are only low light plants in the tank.
At the moment there is Bolbitus, Java Fern, Java Moss, Anubius Nana,.. plus
some other odds and sods left over from other tanks - C. Parva and some
unknown Crypt, and some hairgrass.

My tank hood is setup DIY with 6 x 30W fluros but at the moment only 2 are
running.  My main concern is with adding CO2 it will encourage the growth of
algae because I dont have any fast growing stem plants in the tank yet ?

What do you all think :)

Jon Hammond
Perth, Western Australia