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Re: algae on tank walls

Cavan wrote:
> I tested my water and found that my nitrate level was undetectable.
>Now that I have upped the nitrate, it is almost completely eradicated.

Changing nutrient levels is another way to affect the algae community.
Adding small amounts of nitrate - when you have excess PO4 (a nitrate
limiting situation) -is another way to bring the water column into better
balance. I would first try to remove as much of the existing algae as
possible .

>I should say that I have a UV hooked up 2 or 3 days a
>week, but the film appeared first when I had it hooked
>up for 10 days straight or so to kill the grey slime
>so it doesn't appear the UV has much of an effect on
>it.  Go figure.   

I think UV only affects suspended algae or its spores. The slimey stuff
crawling on the bottom or sides of the tank are unaffected.