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Tank proportions

On tank proportions.....
Most aquariums are made within several hundred miles of the retail markets
they are sold in - glass boxes are just too heavy and fragile to be easily
shipped over long distances. This means that there are a lot of smaller
companies in the business of making aquariums. Most of what they produce is
of the "standard sizes" variety, but they are usually VERY open to making a
few custom sized tanks for individual customers, and the cost is not going
to be that much more than the "standard sizes". If you have a good rapport
with your LFS, ask them to contact the company which makes their tanks and
get a quote on a custom sized tank, it shouldn't be that much more expensive
than the standard boxes. You buy a tank ONCE and it should last 10-20 years
if cared for properly (I recently re-siliconed a 20 year old tank and gave
it to one of my neighbours, to get his children introduced into the hobby.
It  should last at least another 10 years and I hope it brings just as much
joy to the new owners as it did to me over the years).

James Purchase