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Re: algae on tank walls


I had what I think is the same kind of stuff you have
in my 30.  It would appear as spots and form a light
green film.  Does that sound like it?  I tested my
water and found that my nitrate level was
Now that I have upped the nitrate, it is almost
completely eradicated.  A few spots have come back,
but hardly any(I don't think it's growing on any more
plant leaves).  I suspect the nitrate may still be too
low.  Anyway, what is your nitrate level? 

The fact that you have BGA says a lot.  In my
experience, it will show up when nitrate levels are
too low (or pretty high).  I forget whether or not you
added PO4, but perhaps you induced an N deficiency by
ading too much.  

I should say that I have a UV hooked up 2 or 3 days a
week, but the film appeared first when I had it hooked
up for 10 days straight or so to kill the grey slime
so it doesn't appear the UV has much of an effect on
it.  Go figure.     

It could be showing up for another reason, but it
sounds like nitrate may be the problem.  Let us know. 


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