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Re: CO2 and low light fish CO2 additions

Thanks for your comments!

It seems that the choices are to maintain a non-CO2 tank with by adding 
special substrates, water column additives, and not doing a lot of things, or 
simply "adding CO2 gas."

But many of the postings here are from people who use CO2 and high  levels of 
lighting and who also have all kinds of nutrient and algae problems, so I 

"Try it sometime. See if it works, I mean just go ahead and _kill all your
fish_ from low O2 levels and high NH4, NO2 levels:-)".

That hasn't happened yet, and won't, but I admit that my plant growth could 
be  better and there are many species that I just don't try to grow.  I know 
the limitations of my approach and accept them.  My aquariums look OK, too.  
Usually. <g>