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Re: Plant Identification

>>My fish store says this is a Giant Hygro,   It doesn't look like any other
Giant Hygro I've ever seen,   The vein's in the leaves looks a lot like
other types of Hygro.   The stem of the Hygro is very woody, It seemed to me
to be almost like bamboo,   I was suspicious at first that is was not an
underwater plant but it has grown 6" since I brought it home.   Not a real
fast grower,   maybe 1/4" a day under the right conditions.<<

I don't know if anyone already answered this or not, I have gotten kinda
lost in all the Amano ferver... but it lookes like it could be "Giant
Hygro", although you got a lot of spaces between the leaves. Giant Hygro is
Hygrophila corymbosa, formerly Nomaphila stricta. There is also at least one
sub variety called var siemensis. Giant hygro does typically have woody
brown stems that are thick, and become thicker as the plant grows. It doesnt
grow anywhere near as fast as other hygrophila such as polysperma or
difformis. Sometimes it is also sold under the name of Green Temple. It
really needs bright light and will lose leaves quickly if young plants or
cuttings are too shaded by other plants. If your light is not bright enough,
it loses most of its lower leaves and has more dense growth at the top.  It
is not anywhere near as indestructable as polysperma, but once it gets going
it will suck down nitrate like there is no tommorrow. It also holds it's own
in brackish water

Robert Paul Hudson