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RE: Plant Identification

> If I had to hazard a guess, I would say it looks like Hygrophila
> polysperma grown emersed.

> http://aquat1.ifas.ufl.edu/hygpol.pdf

But it was not grown Emersed,   My LFS purchased this as Giant Hygro for his
tank and these were cuttings out of his tank,  the 6" that has grown in my
tank has been very woody and stiff like bamboo as well,  I've lost none of
the original leaves on it.   All of the new growth is the same as what I
purchased.   It is almost tall enough to cut again and re-plant again.  He
said where I cut it at,  would split and re-grow a couple of new stems of

Another thing about it is that it put out very few roots out the side of it
like other Stem Plants I have.   The stem at the base is near 1/4" in
diameter,  at the top,   maybe 3/16" 

Here is the link to it again.