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Reflections of a novice ...

Reflections of a novice ...

I spent months scouring the web, reading everything I could find ... I
read lots of advice and spent months in anticipation before setting up
my first planted aquarium <G>!!!  One of the neatest pieces of advice
that caught my attention was the following from an article "Starting
Your Planted Tank" by George and Karla Booth:

"Secondly, the plants may be growing  and you just can't see it because
you're looking so darn hard!  Take lots of photos of your new tank and
you may be surprised just how much is happening. "

Reflecting this last week on my new setup (now a month old), I posted a
couple messages to the list about a flower stalk growing on a Red Ozelot
(exciting to me) and a question about Vals turing Red (which really has
me concerned).  What I noticed was a striking difference in the growth
of the plants; most have doubled in size or have lots of new leaves.  I
also realized that despite the advice (that had so caught my attention)
in the Booth's article; that I haven't taken enough pictures and have
not kept adquate logs.  Upon reflection, I can't remember many of the
changes ... I don't remember the doubling of leaves on the radican
swords, I don't remember when the Red Ozelots started deepening their
color ... Looking back at pictures amazes me what kind of changes have
taken place in such a short time.

I don't know what else I have learned this week - but on reflection, you
can't take enough pictures and the importance of more detailed logs is

Greg aka newsletter