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Re: Re: Improving the practice of Aquascaping in America

>>The ADA contest was better because the aquascapes in
it were better.  Period.  I haven't found anyone to
argue otherwise.<<

Arthur, now you are really starting to sound like a snob. There were many
fine pictures in the AGA showcase, and several quite frankly that I think
were better than anything you have done. But this whole thing is highly
subjective. Many people if not everyone is very proud of how their tank
looks. They have put much labor and love into it. They have put their sweat
and tears into it.  They do not deserve your condencending attitude because
it doesnt meet your artistic standard.  James may have started the ball
rolling for the AGA showcase, but it took on a life of its own. It was not
created to be a model for artistic perfection, but for an opportunity to
promote fellowship in the hobby, for the genuine common hobbyist to share
their love with other hobbyists...for FUN and education. To help generate
more interest in the hobby itself.  I have known several of the AGA winners
like John Martin, Frode Roe and Cathy Hartland for a lot longer than I have
known you. They are justifyably proud of their own creations and have been
apart of these forums for several years now. Freely giving of themselves to
help others in the hobby and swap stories. This is what makes the hobby fun.
Keep things in perspective. Keep it fun. You are sounding as unreasonable
and bigoted as the Amano bashers.

Robert Paul Hudson