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Re: Diatom Filters -Vortex vs System 1 vs H2O Changes

Scott H wrote:

>First let me say in all sincerity that I am honored to be corrected by,
>much less in the same thread as, the likes of Neil Frank.  So I should
>probably just clam up now.

Please dont think I am an expert on everything, much less the SYSTEM I. I
just have mine a long time and really like it.

>If I was you and I had what Neil said on the one hand [ "I still say
>it is one of the best aquarium devices I have ever purchased. Of
>course, I may have a different motor than the one currently used."] and
>what Scott H. said on the other hand -- no doubt, I'd go with Neil. 

For anyone else that has the system I, here is what my 12+ year old motor
casing says:

Ser. 35ZB 55299R mod JAIM154N#...1.0A 3000RPM 1/45 HP .. Thermally protected. 

I still have the box, but no directions. Nothing about a warning, but could
be something that was added later. 

>Neil said he was unaware of the 40-hour warning.  I was too until I
>read the instructions -- I thought there should have been some prior

I probably would not have read the instructions anyway.:-)

> To compensate for that, I suppose
>one could get faster results with larger amounts of DE in the Vortex. 

I tried this and it doesn't help the Vortex.

>> I dont think the DE filters are substitutes for water changes. Diatom
>> filters are used to primarily remove SUSPENDED particulate or
>> suspended
>> algae. ,,,,,,

>I'm at a loss on this point -- won't water changes remove what's
>suspended as well as what's dissolved in the replaced water? 

Of course water changes will remove a proportional amount of suspended
junk.  Water changes will only remove a small amount. A cloudy or green
water tank is still hazy even with 90% of the suspended stuff removed. IMO,
you have to remove 99.99... % to get it to be crytal clear. This is
difficult with water changes alone.

>If I ever get a fix for the noise problem, maybe I'll resurrect that
>System One and not be afraid to run it four, I mean for, hours on end
>without a problem. 

Mine is noisy too! But my wife tells me to close the door to the aquarium
room with either the Vortex _or_ System I running.