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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1620

On Sun, 17 Feb 2002, Joe Hildreth wrote:

> On the Amano cult discussion, I just had to add a comment or two and
> contribute instead of just reading.  I have been growing aquatic plants
> for over 20 years and I consider Amano to be an artist.  You may not
> agree with his approach, but he certainly does not deserve the criticism
> that some have delivered on this list.  I for one find his creations to
> be excellent and inspirational.

I have to agree with Joe. I consider myself to be an artist
(musician/conductor/band teacher), and I have to tell you Amano is
creating EXACTLY the same reaction as the best composers, musicians,
painters, or sculpters for the last 500 years of Western history. They
all strived to have their work noticed, preferably positively, but
negatively is a good second alternative. In the arguements about whether
or not you consider him an artist, or whether or not his "canvas" is
good, you have simply verified that he is an artist with great meaning
to tell the world. The worst possible reaction, is to ignore him.
Thankfully you all are not doing that!

I for one, do not care if you call him an artist, or a scientist. In
fact, some of the greatest artists of the world had to use science to
create a new medium or new method of working with the medium in order to
get their message across. There is a tremendous amount of things that I
can learn from him, and I hope that he keeps prodding us, pushing us,
and showing us how we can go farther in this field ourselves. This is
the nature of a true artist.

Ed Dumas

"An education without the arts is no education at all."

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