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Re: Diatom Filters -Vortex vs System 1 vs H2O Changes

Neil Frank:

> For anyone else that has the system I, here is what my 12+ year old
> motor
> casing says:
> Ser. 35ZB 55299R mod JAIM154N#...1.0A 3000RPM 1/45 HP .. Thermally
> protected. 

The one I bought about a month ago is the "New Style," "Larger Jar
Larger Capacity" version, which includes the larger jar, slightly
longer filter media, and slightly longer turbulence tube that used to
be sold as an option called the "Enlargement Kit."

The motor now is rated at 1.2 amps and being a basic 2-pole AC, shaded
pole motor is still rated for 3000 RPMS.  They are currently using a
Fasco brand motor, which is a respectable name in the electric motor

Depending on how old your motor is, the rating methods might be
different.  Also, OEMs sometimes change model numbers without changing
the specs. So the motors might (or might not) be functionally

> I still have the box, but no directions. Nothing about a warning, but
> could
> be something that was added later. 

For mine, it only appeared in the instructions and only in one place,
page 4, under "Helpful Hints," which reads, in part:
"System One is a maintenance filter and isdesigned to run approximately
4 hours at a time.  After 4 hours, turn unit off for approximately 45
minutes to allow unit to cool.  After a cooling period unit is ready
for use again."  

Nothing is written about voiding the warranty -- the email I have
mentioned, was stricter than that wording.

I had suggested:

> > one could get faster results with 
> > larger amounts of DE in the Vortex. 

And Neil noted that: 
> I tried this and it doesn't help the Vortex.

Silly me.  I would have thought that adding another 1/4 cup would have
had a big effect.  Sounds like, in terms of the amount of DE, after a
certain point, there is no increase in filtration just increased
friction and reduced water flow.  Just out of curiousity, have you
tried it the other way -- using less to keep if from clogging as

I confessed:

> >I'm at a loss on this point -- won't water changes remove what's
> >suspended as well as what's dissolved in the replaced water? 

Neil clarified:
> Of course water changes will remove a proportional amount of
> suspended
> junk.  Water changes will only remove a small amount. A cloudy or
> green
> water tank is still hazy even with 90% of the suspended stuff
> removed. IMO,
> you have to remove 99.99... % to get it to be crytal clear. This is
> difficult with water changes alone.

I once was lost but now I see. . . :-)

> Mine is noisy too! But my wife tells me to close the door to the
> aquarium
> room with either the Vortex _or_ System I running. 

Again your luck is running better than mine -- my wife tells me to put
a door ON the aquarium room.  

If I run my Sys 1, you can't tell that the Vortex (or anything else
aquarium related) is running -- it's a whopping 75 dbs at one foot. 
The reverse is not the case.  It's not the motor that adds all the
extra noise, it's the belt drive.  I did find that taking off the lid
reduced the noise about 10 dbs -- it resonated like crazy.

Now where did I put those door hinges?

Scott H.

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