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Re: light level recommendation

Cameron -
	Yes, I left out a phrase when I sent that URL. Ooops :) AH Supply's 55
watt kits use a 4 in a row (2G11) ping layout. I just did a search last weekend
for endcaps for this configuration, found a couple. Leviton has one, a 13452, I
seem to recall. Graybar carries this for about $5 each. I ended up ordering mine
from Atlanta Light bulbs(www.atlantalightbuls.com), Code 222 for $2.59 each.
I'll let you know when they get here. I originally ordered a 2x55 from AH
Supply, then heard some people talking about Fulham's electronic ballasts
(www.fulham.com), which are what AH uses. The WorkHorse 5 was about $29.00
each for 2 from Hughes Supply, an electrical supply house that operates all
over Florida. I had to pay the shipping on the ballasts, because they weren't
a stock item, but that is included in the cost above. So, I will end up an
additional 2x55w kit for much less than AH supply sells it for, but I have
to make my own reflector and bulb holder.
	If you are looking to add light to a tank that is 24" or longer, you
may want to consider going with a ballast that can handle bulbs in the
36w to 55w range. These ballasts can do all of them, with minor wiring changes
depending on the exact bulbs. If you are looking at Fulham's web site, the 
bulbs that AH supply sells are the Osram/Sylvania pin configuration as 
opposed to the Panasonic/GE configuration. These are also referred to as the
German(linear) versus Japanese(square) pin layouts. I don't know what the 
standard base type is for the square pin layouts.
	I hope I helped out and didn't confuse things too much. If anyone
wants more informtation, drop me a line and I'll do what I can.