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Re: Missing snails

Someone wrote:

 I did not have to scrape algae off anything for 
months.  Things were so lovely that I wanted even more
colorful fish 
losing a series of LFS fancy male guppies to a
territorial female, I 
with a happy pair of feeder guppies that were
reproducing like crazy) 
got a few Endler's livebearers.

Just an FYI, the fry that you have from your Endler's
should no longer be called Endler's. I am not flaming
you at all, just wanted to let you know that if you
distribute the fish you should be sure to mention that
they are possible hybrids. Endler's will readily cross
with guppies. If you have male guppies in there the
female Endler's are going to be throwing possible
hybrids for some time as well since livebearers hold
sperm for later fertilizations. On the positive side I
understand that such crosses produce some really nice
looking fish.


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