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Re: light level recommendation

first, i think the correct address is 

second, that's exactly what i started to do, but i couldn't find the bulb.  
i did make the reflector, though, so i was actually going to use it to hang 
the AHS lights from, but then the price of the reflector wasn't too much, so 
why not.  well, then i found a bulb that i think will work, but it hasn't 
gotten here yet.  if it comes and the pin alignment is wrong then i'll go 
back to the AHS lights (which, in the end, were cheaper for 13w but more 
expensive for 26w).

so, while i'm at it, do the AHS lights use four-in-a-row pins, or 
four-in-a-box pins? whichever they DON'T use, does anyone know of an online 
retailer that sells the OTHER just in case the AHS lights are opposite what 
i need?

when i'm finished with this (if it works, if not its on to the AHS) i'll put 
up pictures, and see if i can add anything to the link at the top.  maybe 
there are others out there that use eclipse hoods too (if not for the light, 
they really aren't too bad, especially when you can find them for 1/2 

Cameron in AL

>Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 15:23:38 -0500
>From: Jon Wright <Jon.Wright at DropShip_Org>
>Subject: Re: light level recommendation
>I came across this the other day, it might be an even better solution that 
>the 13watt units.
>http://dscott.home.texas.net/reflector.html . It looks like it's exactly 
>what you need :)
>  Jon

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