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Re: CO2 Input

Rheta Chase wrote:

<"I am interested in adding CO2 into my tank.  I have
a 46 gallon tank with 1.5 watts of light per gallon. 
My tank contains some Java Fern, Vallisneria spiralis,
Anubias, Crinium, and crypt wendtii.  I was going to
use the DIY yeast bottle method and then happened upon
the Aquabotanic website where I saw the Plantguild
power reactor, perhaps Mr. Hudson, you could tell me
if this would be a good way to go?">

You could use this reactor with a DIY yeast setup, but
still need the yeast to generate CO2 unless you go
with a compressed gas system.  Check out the Krib
(www.thekrib.com) for good info on different CO2

<"Will I need to remove the carbon media from my
Magnum for this to be of benefit?  If so is there
another media that I can replace it with?">

You don't need carbon or any other filter media with a
plant tank.  Just fill the container with some filter
floss or porous media to filter out large particles. 
Carbon has been shown to absorb necessary plant
nutrients from the water (see www.thekrib.com in the
plant section).

<"Also, I am waiting on an Emperor 280 power filter
which was ordered from Big Al's over the weekend. 
Upon receipt of that I plan on removing my UGF.  Can
anyone give me some tips on that.  I am concerned
about the amount of bacteria under the plate....will
stirring that up be harmful to the fish - how much of
a water change would you recommend I do at that

I would vacuum the gravel well, then move the gravel
to one side of the tank and remove the plate from the
empty side.  Repeat this process to remove the other
plate.  Are you going to add a plant beneficial
substrate to the gravel?  This would be a good time to
add Fluorite or Profile.  You could replace 50% of
your gravel with one of these products.  After this is
all done I would do a 50% water change.  Over the next
few days you should check the ammonia levels in the
tank and feed the fish sparingly.

For excellent plant tank info check out the Krib and
Chuck Gadd's site (do a search on his name).

Good luck,

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