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Red crypts

Willaim Polak wrote:
> However, my question is - what could be causing my 
> cryptocoryne willisii leaves to turn red. [... ...] None of my 
> other plants are turning red except my hygrophila
> polysperma and the R. macranda which are supposed to. Any 
> help would be greatly appreciated.

This is almost always caused by macronutrient limitation of some sort.
For instance, high PO4 and low NO3 causes many of the plants in my tanks
to redden up, especially the newer growth.  The reverse condition (high
NO3, low PO4) will provoke a similar response in other plants.  Once
your tank settles in it can be fun to play with N and P.  Get it just
wrong, though, and you'll have more algae than you know what to do with!

michael rubin ~ michael at rubinworld_com ~ www.rubinworld.com