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Tom Wood wrote:

> I had recently re-lamped, so there was obviously way 
> too much light energy going into the tank, even with
> CO2 and relatively high fertilization.  Conclusion: LESS 
> light led to a better tank in this case.  N and P are 
> still at or below test detection threshold levels and the tank 
> looks great, lots of pearling and minimal algae.

Tom, it sounds like you've found a sweet spot, and who am I to quibble
with success?  I think what you've discovered is a proper balance of
macronutrients, CO2 and environmental conditions.  You could have
reached a balance at the higher light level as well, probably by
providing more N and P, but it's tougher to do and the margin for error
is smaller.  Tom Barr used to say that running a tank with a high
metabolic rate is like driving at speed.  It's exciting, but your
reflexes have to be fast, and crashing is, well, more painful than at
lower speed!

michael rubin ~ san francisco