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Flourite and more backgrounds

I took the gravel and laterite out of my tank today and switched to
Flourite.  What a mess.  It had been there 5-6 years I'm ashamed to say. I
am convinced that there are people in one of the nine levels of hell trying
to get laterite out of their water and gravel for eternity.  Anyway, I'm
sure my plants are stunned from uprooting, sitting in a cold bucket all day,
trimming, and then being shoved back into the gravel.  I feel like any
nutrients I add to my aquarium would just go to feed algae until the plants
get back going.  On the other hand, the plants might need some nutrients to
get back going.  Any suggestions?  When should I start back adding them?

Also, I've been looking for a background too.  I don't know if anyone has
mentioned it.  I'm a little behind on my reading.  I knew that my LFS had
some of those plastic backgrounds with the plants on it that would not work,
but they also had one with just a plain medium blue background.  I was
looking at the blue one yesterday when I went to pick up the Flourite and
noticed that the back of it was solid black.  It's the same commercial one
as the others so anyone should be able to find them.

Happy New Year from SW Virginia
Ben Belton