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>Therefor I starting inquiring about T8s, in particular the Chroma 50.
>Again no appreciative success. It appears that the WalMarts and Home
>Depots in our city are not as well stocked than in the US.

Many towns of good size have a specialty light bulb retailer who
primarily caters to the needs of janitorial services, who replace a lot
of tubes, and retailers, who care a lot about the color of lighting on
their displays.  In Seattle we've got this one.
and they have other stores in other towns, maybe in Canada too.  But
I've been able to get any kind of T-8 Tube I want out of them.  

Check your local yellow pages for similar types of businesses.  Another
source is to call up local interior designers or retail display
designers.  People who do that kind of work often have to make careful
choices about the color of florescent tubes.  Ask them where they buy
their tubes.