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I have inherited a bare 40 gallon tank (3 ft long,no hood, cover, or lights) and I have it almost ready to set it up. My last obstacle is the lighting. I was planning a DIY hood with CF lighting similar to AH Supply's kits, as I live in Calgary ordering the necessary kits from AH Supply will be too costly (considering the exchange rate of $0.52 us to $1.00 cdn).  
I have made several inquiries in regards to 96 watts and 55 watts 5000k or better, but it seems that these CF items cannot be ordered through the various lighting wholesalers. Therefor I starting inquiring about T8s, in particular the Chroma 50. Again no appreciative success. It appears that the WalMarts and Home Depots in our city are not as well stocked than in the US.

Can anyone advise of a place where I can order the necessary ballasts, endcaps, and lights (preferably CF) in Canada in order to complete the set up.

Thank-you in advance,


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