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KH = 1 degree

I have only recently begun to inject CO2 and try to grow plants while
keeping discus and angel fish. I bought the equipment from m3 based on the
information from the contributors here. Forgive me if my question is
elementary, but everyone's advice is appreciated.

I would like the know the best way to raise the KH so I can get higher CO2
levels without lowering the pH further. I have a 75-gallon tank. The pH
ranges between 6.4 and 7.0, but the KH is always steady at 1 degree. Here
are the readings and CO2 administration rates for the past week. CO2 is
calculated based on the formula on another page at this Web site.

pH    KH    CO2    drops/min
6.7    1    6    24
6.5    1    9.5    30
6.4    1    12    33

At this point, I raised the rate to 36 drops/min and added about 30 plants
to the tank. My readings today are shown below. I have raised the CO@ rate
to 46 drops/min.

6.7    1    6        46

Without depressing the pH further, how can I raise the KH safely?

John Russo, Jr. 

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