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> Subject: KH = 1 degree
> I would like the know the best way to raise the KH so I can get higher CO2
> levels without lowering the pH further. I have a 75-gallon tank. The pH
> ranges between 6.4 and 7.0, but the KH is always steady at 1 degree. Here
> are the readings and CO2 administration rates for the past week. CO2 is
> calculated based on the formula on another page at this Web site.
> pH    KH    CO2    drops/min
> 6.7    1    6    24
> 6.5    1    9.5    30
> 6.4    1    12    33
> At this point, I raised the rate to 36 drops/min and added about 30 plants
> to the tank. My readings today are shown below. I have raised the CO@ rate
> to 46 drops/min.
> 6.7    1    6        46
> Without depressing the pH further, how can I raise the KH safely?

What do mean drops? Ampule thingys? Bubbles?

 Take baking soda add until you have a KH3 and then drop your pH to 6.5-6.6.
Or KH of 4 and pH of 6.6-6.7.
Test the KH for the next few day to make sure it doesn't drop below 3.
Test pH AM and PM to see the difference. Try to keep the pH in those ranges
with the matching KH readings. That's all there is to that. What pH are you
looking for? Based on the fish, try to stay with KH of 3 to 5. You can also
add potassium carbonate instead of baking soda. Give them some time to mix
and dissolve before taking a reading.

Your running too low on CO2 for your plants. Add more.
Tom Barr
> Thanks
> John Russo, Jr.