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Re: Ameca Splendens

Ed wrote about Ameca Splendens.


I have kept and raised Ameca Splendens before.  They are gluttonous pigs.
They eat anything and everything that fits into their mouths.  I have seen
them eat blue-green algae.  They are very active fish and can be
rambunctious.  I have not found them to be aggressive with larger fishes,
but most of my experience is with a single species tank.

A few years ago, our local clubs had a table sale event where I wound up
selling a bag of these fish to a Cichlid keeper.  He was pretty sure that
his Cichlids would make a quick lunch of anything I had to offer (which was
mainly livebearers).  I knew that he was probably right except for the Ameca
splendens.  I suggested them as dither fish for his Cichlids.  He scoffed
and told me that he'd bring back the beat up carcasses and give me an "I
told you so."

I'm still waiting.

Good luck, enjoy these interesting fish.  You will need to step up the
feeding in this tank once the algae is gone.


BTW: I don't have this species anymore and don't know where you might find
them.  I saw some on Aquabid not too long ago.