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Re: Mr. PA Knowitall

> Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2001 18:15:38 EST
> From: ArmaniCool at aol_com
> Subject: Mr. PA Knowitall

    I certainly don't "know it all" lol, but I think I can help.
> Just three questions, should be easy for you PA guru's.
> 1. Can plastic, ceramic or wood air diffuser be used to
> diffuse CO2 using a low pressure CO2 system?
> (CO2 tank>>Regulator>>Needle Valve>>one way valve>>plastic,ceramic or wood
> diffuser) Why not?

    I've used basswood diffusers in the past with no problem, other than
they need to be periodically replaced when the bubbles they generate get too
large. I posted directions for making them here on the APD a couple of years
back (I think they are on the Krib as well).

    Ceramic diffusion disks are used with higher pressure, around 12 psi or
so depending on your CO2 requirements. They need to be cleaned when the
pores start to clog with algae; I've found soaking them in bleach, then
rinsing them well does the trick.

    I've never used a plastic diffuser, but if it produces a fine, mist like
stream of bubbles, I don't see why it wouldn't do the trick.
> 2. Does adding CO2 to the intake of a canister or power
> filter harm it's biological filtering capacity, by overdosing it with CO2?

    I use an Eheim to diffuse CO2 on a couple of planted tanks, and again,
have had no problems doing so. On the other hand, in a heavily planted tank,
I'm really not counting on the cannister to provide biological filtration.
> 3. Does an open packet of yeast need to be refrigerated, and how long will it
> stay fresh in or out of the frig?

    Back in the messy old days <g>, I kept my packets of yeast in the
fridge, and never had one go bad before I used them up. But go for the CO2
tank and regulator if you can swing it. (On the other hand, mixing and
maintaining yeast CO2 generators for a year or so will give you a better
appreciation for the bottled CO2 system you will eventually get <g>.
> Any help is much appreciated.

    Hope this helped. And let us know who we're talking to ;-)

Ron Barter
Perth, Ontario