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Ameca Splendens


I have been lurking for some time because I have been soaking up
information like crazy, but also because I had trouble with e-mail which
I think I have solved now (thanks Cynthia). First I want to thank Tom
Barr who answered several questions off the forum for me.

I have been battling a hair algae problem that is quickly turning into a
source of delight. Thanks to Tom I have taken steps to seriously curtail
it's growth, and it seems to be working very well. I have also purchased
8 Ameca Splendens (Butterfly Goodeid - sp?) because I had heard from
this forum that they are impressive with hair algae. The store that I
purchased them from had no knowledge of this, even they are one of the
best stores around here.

Well, I have to tell you all that the Ameca Splendens are amazing to
watch. If you have hair algae in your planted tank, you simply MUST
order some of them. They continually graze, and have a huge appetite for
such a small fish. They rip off pieces of hair algae up to about 6" long
and slurp it up like spaghetti. They go after it like my kids go after
candy in the local corner store!

So the question is, when they have thoroughly devoured every bit of
algae in my tank, which I estimate to be about one week at the current
rate, will they eat algae tabs as a substitute, or will they be happy


Ed Dumas
from Rainy Maple Ridge, B.C.